“The biggest advantage is that art can express things that are not expressible verbally,” Dr. Sarah Deaver


Why this class:

I recently moved from Seattle to Bellingham to be closer to my kids and focus on my art career. As a side job, I teach art to children at Gabriel’s art kids three days a week. I’ve come to realize that teaching and sharing is something far more meaningful than I would ever have imagined.

Through teaching I have the great opportunity to share my passion for art to younger generations, I learn new skills through the process of teaching art, and I get to support and encourage an alternate form of expression.  

While teaching at Gabriel’s Art Kids, I collaborated with Skookum Kids and promoted their cause through a series of illustrations; I thought then that a great companion to support foster children and parents alike could be artistic expression and alternate communication through art.

How will it work? :

I am not an art therapist, but my knowledge of art as a tool of communication is expansive in the realm of teaching to children and creating art myself. This class is designed as a group workshop or group art class.

We will focus or art pieces that will help express emotion and ideas in the context of being foster kids.

We will also utilize the nature of art as a non-verbal communication.

Class duration: 2 sessions of 2 hours each.

Next session: Sunday, March 25th & Sunday, April 1st
Time: 4 to 6pm

Age : 5+

Maximum capacity: 7 families

Price by families: $ 50

Before you register, I invite you to read my notes and class plan, this will give you a clear idea of my approach and what we will do in the class.

Class currently not available, please contact me if you are interested or have questions.