Eclipse weekend

After considering to avoid the crazy trafic and accumulation of peoples we decided to go see the eclipse on top of mt Walker. 


The view was as beautiful as the eclipse itself. 


Emma found a feather and we were wondering what kind of bird would it come from. 


Then we spent the weekend in port Townsend and discover cool little businesses and cafe on the middle of a boatting community.


Red house

It is my second time drawing this house, the owner saw me the first time and wanted the original, I told her I will do a better one for her. #seattle #sketch #urbansketch #uskseattle #carnet


Frog and princess

I wanting to make a small drawing for a young toddler that shop at my store, I asked her dad what she liked and she said : #frog and #princess #kidsart #childrenillustration 👸 🐸